Video is now the most efficient way to attract online attention, increase conversion and grow engagement.
However, at the moment, an online audience has to be exposed to brand content many times before they finally decide to purchase a product or use a service. The only way to use marketing content effectively, engage an online audience and grow social media is to produce fresh videos consistently.
Consistency is crucial!
This can be difficult due to fact that the video creation process is more time consuming than texts based or simple graphics but all marketing statistics prove the overwhelming power of video in the competitive online market.
But I believe quality video can be accessible for medium-sized businesses and used on an ongoing basis. 
Because of that, I've created a video production service based on a monthly subscription (instead of a single project) and optimized it for an online presence and social media. My clients receive engaging and fresh video content for social media channels and online presence.
Generate professional marketing video content on a regular basis!
It's time to start using video consistently as a part of your long term marketing strategy!
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